Cat and Dog Grooming & Wellness

Fur the Love of Pets knows that a well-groomed dog is a healthy dog and we have great products to help you care for your dog at home.  We carry brushes, combs, tear stain products and more…


At-Home Grooming and Hygiene Products we carry

  1. TropiClean
  2. Shampoos, Detangler, Pet Wipes, Colognes
  3. Flea & Tick Solutions
  4. Carpet & Floor Cleaners
  5. Topical Spray & Cream for itchy skin & hot spots
  1. Zymox
  2. Fresh Breath Drops
  3. Clean Teeth Gel, Dental Bones
  4. Ear Cleaner and Inflammation Relief Solution
  5. Chew Deterrents